Han Lon Eastern Concepts - Ip Man, Wing Chun, Kung Fu

About Han Lon Eastern Concepts

Our centre was established in 2002 by Sifu Derek O’Hanlon, who has taught martial arts for 20 years. Its primary aim is to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defence at every level from Beginner through to Instructor. It also has special programmes dedicated to Personal Training, Stress Management, Chinese Health Exercise and Corporate Entertainment.


Here at HLEC we offer a wide variety of training packages to suit your needs and have classes accessible to everyone, whatever your age, gender, or level of fitness. You can join a group class at one of our fully equipped venues or take advantage of our Personal Training programme

Our programmes incorporate both Eastern and Western methods to give you the best of both worlds. We work with you and adopt a ‘mind and body’ methodology; an holistic approach combining mental and physical skills and techniques.

As a student of HLEC, you will be trained by highly experienced, fully insured instructors dedicated to helping you make the most of your training. All are professionally accredited and members of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Athletic Association, the BCCMA and the YMMAA.

Our organisation has a fantastic training and social calendar, featuring one day and weekend seminars, regular student get-togethers, Christmas parties and many other functions, giving you plenty of opportunities to make friends and socialise with your fellow students if you wish.

Have you ever wanted to learn a martial art or self defence?

Do you want to get fit or learn to relax?

Or are you simply looking for a new hobby?

If so, Han Lon Eastern Concepts is the perfect place for you.