Han Lon Eastern Concepts - Ip Man, Wing Chun, Kung Fu

Instructor Profile

Sifu Derek O’Hanlon

Derek O’Hanlon has many years of successful management experience with many companies and has been working in the fields of personal and professional development and teaching and coaching Martial and Holistic Arts since 1978.

Derek has studied with many specialists and Chinese Masters and has run seminars and training programmes for organisations and individuals throughout the UK. He has appeared on TV and radio and in many publications both here and abroad. Over many years of training, experience and study, Derek has developed some unique and highly successful training and development programmes.

He is a stress consultant and a qualified Sifu (Instructor) with The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, The Samuel Kwok Association, The Ving Tsun Athletics Association and many more organisations.

He has been instructed by Sifu Simon Lau, but for most his Wing Chun training, he has studied with Master Samuel Kwok, one of the world’s leading authorities on the art of Wing Chun. Derek has the honour of being a closed door student to Master Kwok who is his mentor and close personal friend. His help and encouragement over the years has made it possible for Derek to maintain a very high standard of teaching and training.

Derek O’Hanlon is involved in: 
Wing Chun Martial Art, Han Lon Stress Management Programme, Han Lon Chinese Health Exercise, Han Lon Self Defence Programme.